Saturday, 28 March, 2020

Backpage The Foundation For Future Classified Advertisements

Backpage can be dated back to the year 2004 when it first came into existence. It provided the service of free classified advertisements. It the United States, backpage became one of the largest classified sites. Further, it was closed down by as it showed the content of sex work and other adult content. It was seized in the year 2018 by law enforcement.

However, for those who previously used backpage can be delighted to find that various alternate websites have come into the limelight. With similar service, alternate websites have started to come up. It is as backpage was the beginning of providing towards such adult classified advertisement. One of the alternative sites that came up is Locanto. The website is dedicated to providing its wonderful service to over 60 countries. It deals with real estate, pets, vehicles, for sale, and the like. The websites have several categories to choose from.

Also, it is exclusively made available in the form of applications accessible by both iOS and Android users. Since it is easily made accessible and provides effective search results with the different availability of categories, the targeted clients or customers can easily be reached. Another well-known alternative is Craigslist. It is a privately owned company providing its service as a classified advertisement website. It is headquartered in California, US serving over 70 different countries. In the year 2019, the website is made accessible through applications for mobile set up.

It can be operated for both Android as well as iOS users. It provides its category in jobs, community services, house, and items for sale, gigs, and several other categories. It is a great alternate site for classified advertising advertisements. Besides Locanto and Craigslist, there are several alternate sites such as Facebook, Oodle, Ashley Madison, Yumi, and the like. Each site has its strengths and provides unique features all related to providing a platform for classified advertisements.

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